IZ*ONE Disbandment Confirmed

IZ*ONE’s management has released an official statement regarding the group’s imminent disbandment.

The statement reads as follows:

This is Off The Record and Swing Entertainment, jointly in charge of IZ*ONE’s management.

As officially announced on March 10, the IZ*ONE project will end in April.
IZ*ONE’s official fan cafe, content, and social media will operate until the end of the project, and future plans [for these platforms] will be announced via a separate statement later on.
We express gratitude to WIZ*ONE who have given love and support to IZ*ONE until now, and we ask that much support be given for the members’ future activities.
IZ*ONE will greet fans through their online concert “ONE, THE STORY” which will be held for two days on March 13 and 14.
The IZ*ONE members are currently working their hardest to meet fans at the concert.

We once again thank WIZ*ONE who always show support, and Off The Record and Swing Entertainment will always support the IZ*ONE members who will grow further as artists.
We ask that you show much anticipation and support for the new sides that the IZ*ONE members will show from now on.

Thank you.


On March 10, MNET stated the following:

Hello. This is Mnet.

Ahead of the conclusion of the IZ*ONE project, Mnet, Swing Entertainment, and Off The Record have held discussions and listened to the opinions of each agency for the best activities the 12 members can carry out.

The activities of project group IZ*ONE, which debuted in 2018 with the album “COLOR*IZ” and grew into a girl group that represents Asia and is loved not only in Korea but also around the world, will come to a close in April as planned.

A two-day online concert “ONE, THE STORY” will be held on on March 13 and 14 with the fans who love IZ*ONE.

Mnet, Swing Entertainment, and Off The Record express our gratitude to the 12 members of IZ*ONE who showed their best, and we will continue to support them as artists so that the fantastical story they created together can continue on.

Please anticipate and support the new sides they will show from now on.


According to MNET, IZ*ONE will be disbanding in April as planned.


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